Taxes For Physicians

tax word cloudWe are not your typical tax preparation or accounting firm and we can prove it.

What makes us different? We are dedicated to finding the mistakes and missed opportunities that may be costing you thousands – then we can provide you a plan for fixing them – legally, morally, and ethically.

We take a forward looking approach to tax planning and preparation designed to save our clients taxes while others take a backwards looking approach.

Most tax preparation and accounting firms are backwards looking. The typical client relationship for these firms is:

  1. Meet with clients from February through April
  2. Collect last year’s tax documents
  3. Prepare your return
  4. Send you home with your refund estimate or tax bill
  5. This process is then repeated every year

As you can see, when your tax advisor is always looking at last year’s documents you have a backwards looking advisor. It’s like hiring a taxi driver who is watching the rear view mirror to take you to your destination. If your tax advisor isn’t proactively showing you how to pay less in taxes they may actually be making you pay more in taxes..

Our process is better.

Tax services are not provided through INVEST Financial Corporation.