Retiree Tax Services

White eggs in a brown nest labelled with IRA, Pension, 401k and House representing a typical nest egg.

Retiree Tax Services is affiliated with Consilium Tax Services. Retirees and near retirees have many questions about how their retirement income streams will be taxed, if at all. Did you know that many retirees may qualify for a 0% tax bracket on certain income streams? We know this and that is why Retiree Tax Services is the best place for retirees and near retirees to have their taxes prepared. We offer home appointments for an additional charge of $75.

We are not your typical tax preparation or accounting firm and we can prove it. What makes us different? We are dedicated to finding the mistakes and missed opportunities that may be costing you thousands – then we can provide you a plan for fixing them – legally, morally, and ethically.