Our Firm

Sunrise Downtown Tampa, FloridaConsilium is a Latin word that means: Planning, Advice, Purpose. Consilium best describes what we do for our clients.

Planning – Consilium Management understands that financial situations and tax law are dynamic and can change every day, every month, or every year. With this in mind we focus on maintaining our planning relationship with our clients to help them navigate the changes that affect their financial and personal goals. In other words, we don’t sell financial plans we do ongoing financial planning as desired by you, our client.

Advice – Not all financial advisors or tax advisors have adequate education or credentials that you can rely on. In fact, there are no baseline prerequisite qualifications for someone to call themselves a “financial planner/advisor” or a “tax advisor.” We believe that our educational backgrounds, credentials, and commitment to ongoing professional development set us apart from the competition. We hold some of the most respected credentials for both financial planning and tax preparation/planning in the market, the CFP® and the EA. We strive to give our clients world class advice, not just a product pitch disguised as financial planning.

Purpose – Our purpose is to merge our client’s goals and dreams, both financial and non-financial, with their money. We leverage our technical expertise with our clients’ goals and financial situations to help make their dreams a reality.