Financial Planning

Financial Plan

Topics Covered in a Consilium Financial Plan

  1. Financial Statement Preparation and Analysis
  2. Insurance Planning and Risk Management
  3. Employee Benefits Planning and Review
  4. Investment Planning (Investment Management is a separate service)
  5. Income Tax Planning and Strategies
  6. Estate Planning
  7. Retirement Planning

The Financial Planning Process

Step 1 – Establish Goals
Step 2 – Gather Data
Step 3 – Analyze & Evaluate Your Financial Status
Step 4 – Develop a Plan
Step 5 – Implement the Plan
Step 6 – Monitor the Plan & Make Necessary Adjustments

State of the Art Financial Planning Technology

We will help you get your finances organized by creating your very own, safe and secure, personal financial website. You will have the ability to connect your bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages,insurance policies, retirement accounts, and investment accounts to your personal financial website.

Your accounts are updated daily, and yes, you have access to your personal financial website no matter where you are in the world.

When your finances are organized we will have a clear view of where you are now and create a plan that shows you how to reach your goals.


  • Financial planning is offered through Consilium Management Group*