Disability Insurance



Being a CFP® professional and the spouse of an OBGYN has given Joshua Thompson the opportunity to not just understand, or specialize, in physicians financial needs but to also have to buy (or not buy) the same products that doctors are sold all the time.

Disability insurance is one product that young doctors should own above most others. Many young doctors tremendously underestimate their chances of becoming disabled. A 30 year old, female ER doc has almost a 40% chance of missing at least 3 months of work before age 65. The average disability for this person would last 78 months. Click here to view your chances of having a disabling event, whatsmypdq.org/.

We have developed a unique system to compare and value disability insurance contracts. Our valuation system helps you make the right decision for your specific needs. We work with all of the major insurance companies. We are independent and have no financial ties to any specific insurance company. We will earn a commission should you buy a disability insurance policy from Consilium Management.

Here are some important features that we will evaluate so you make the best decision:

  • Company financial strength based on the Comdex score
  • Maximum benefit period. You should have a contract to at least age 65. The price difference between to age 65 and 70 is not very much depending on the company
  • True own occupation for physicians
  • Non-Cancellable
  • COLA/Inflation protection
  • Residual disability

There are many other features that disability contracts have but the aforementioned features are what Joshua Thompson, CFP®, EA would consider most critical in your disability insurance buying decision.

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